Wondering why your Affiliates' Clicks-to-Sales Conversion is so low?

"It's Here At Last - The Amazingly Simple Yet Revolutionary Way To Get Affiliates Falling Over Themselves To Promote Your Products - And Catapult Your Profits..."

"Finally, A REAL And EASY Way For Your Affiliates To Get Prospects To Click On Links To YOUR Sites And GLADLY Buy From The Pages They Send Them To"

AffPayPro - The Magic Affiliate Payment Processor

Introducing AffPayPro - An Innovative New Digital Marketing System

It's a combined payment processor, secure digital delivery system, affiliate manager, discount coupon generator and newsletter mailer with a difference!

AffPayPro is the All-In-One Internet Marketing Solution you have been craving for.



"The AffPayPro script may just be the most innovative Internet Marketing oriented software of 2008.

It's simple to customize, and with its easy to use admin settings, youre just a mouse click or two away from making it smoothly integrate into your product.

This is a very flexible system that both you and your affiliates will love to put to use.

AffPayPro will soon be shaking the foundation of affiliate marketing as we now know it. "

George Sepich - InternetMarketingGrabBag


Well if, like many marketers, you've always struggled to find affiliates and JV partners for your websites and products then you'll find our new web script, AffPayPro, a real breath of fresh air. You see, to try and understand what was stopping other marketers from promoting our products we decided to step in to their shoes and look at what we had to offer from an affiliate's point of view...

After careful analysis we came to the conclusion that, were these products not our own, we probably wouldn't promote them to our own lists! Now it's not that the products are no good or wouldn't benefit our loyal subscribers (far from it!!), no the main reason we wouldn't offer these in our newsletters hit us like a wet fish in the face, it was that obvious.

"Your AffPayPro software is the most exciting affiliate management system to hit the Internet Marketing world in a long time.

It's an easy to install, simple to use and highly effective marketing tool which is a valuable addition to my web marketing arsenal.

The coupon/no visible affiliate link combination is a powerful way to increase sales and reduce commission theft. This gives my affiliates the confidence they need to promote my products.

I especially like the customer and affiliate contact manager. My backend sales have increased dramatically because of it.

Thanks for this amazing product. I give it 5 stars!"

Sam Bowen - candlestickchartsdemystified


Look, we truly value our list members and know they look to us for support, advice and genuine good value offers. Without them we couldn't profit from our business' in the way that we do.

But we noticed that whenever we promoted a product or service for someone else through OUR affiliate links, our un-subscribe levels rocketed. The reason? we could only promote such products using an obvious in-your-face ugly affiliate link.

Sound familiar?

Now if you're treating your subscribers with respect then they will be more than happy to receive news and links to your own products. That's what many of them signed up for. They will also be delighted when you find a great site and send them there.

But the minute you post a link that looks like this; www.productsite.com/aff/index.php?aff=makememoney - they'll smell a rat and suspicion will overrule the respect they have for you.

Just put yourself in their shoes for a moment....

How are they to know that you're genuinely recommending this new guide or software product, when it's plain obvious that you're earning money for doing so?

Unfortunately it's a well known fact of life that most Internet users are deeply cynical when they realize that someone is going to make money out of a purchase they make. So they'll refuse to click through, or even strip your affiliate code from the link and still make a purchase without YOU benefiting!

Yet no matter how hard you try to mask or hide those ugly affiliate urls they will always see through it.

"That's why this revolutionary solution was born!"

"It's a very, very clever idea and I congratulate you on it. I think you underpriced it and I certainly think you are underselling it but it's a super tool for people running their own affiliate programmes.

It allows the affiliate to give incentives to his buyer; "Hey, enter my code and get a discount" and does away with all that horrendous visible link stuff that ruins so many other affiliate programmes.

Best of all if anyone tries to steal someone else's commission - they can't! That is simply AWESOME.

This is the Web 2.0 version of affiliate systems. I thoroughly recommend it. "

Alan Johnson - Dream Fulfilment Ltd



Just imagine what would happen if you discovered a way for your affiliates to send prospects directly to your website using an inoffensive plain link like www.yoursite.com AND STILL earn their commission from sales of your product.

  • No suspicious prospects

  • No loss of credibility

  • No hesitation or clicks away

  • More Click Through's

  • More Clean One Way Back Links To Your Sites

  • More Sales

  • More satisfied Customers wanting to do MORE business with you

  • More commissions for your affiliates

  • Happy affiliates eager to promote your products

  • More Profits for YOU!

"In fact SUBSTANTIALLY More Profits For You!"

Introducing AffPayPro

AffPayPro - The Magic Affiliate Payment Processor

The World's Very First 'Clean' Affiliate Link Generator

" I'm loving AffPayPro!

Horrible (and obvious) affiliate links are every affiliate's nightmare - AffPayPro is a stroke of genius. EVERY product owner should be able to see how beneficial your script is. As an affiliate marketer myself, being able to offer my list a special deal AND make money myself is a huge incentive to promote a product... The install was super easy and I can't wait to put this innovative script to use on all my new projects! "

Will King - recipebooksystem



"I was absolutely thrilled to find that AffPayPro included an easy to run affiliate manager. I bought the script to offer coupons, as a way of increasing buyer traffic to my new site, only to find that affiliates link back as well, increasing my link juice and raising my profile, thanks again!"

Pete Lauder - xsitepro-bonuses



"Amazingly Simple to Set Up And Use - No Geek Experience Needed"

AffPayPro is a combined PayPal payment processor and digital product delivery system with a built in affiliate program. So no more trying to combine several web scripts to do one job!

The difference with AffPayPro is that your affiliates can send prospects STRAIGHT to your web address without having to use a long winded and off putting affiliate link.

So instead of them using www.yoursite.com/aff/index.php?aff=makememoney they can just send them straight to www.yoursite.com.

" Just a note to say that the more I 'tinker' with AffPayPro, the more I can see its potential for my business.
I'm not interested in bells and whistles (although your software has more than it's fair share of those), I want flexibility and features that inspire my affiliates to sell my products.
AffPayPro has all these and more, and I'm looking forward to reaping the rewards."

Tony Shepherd - tony-shepherd


AffPayPro in Action ...

Imagine yourself for a moment, as your potential affiliate wanting to promote your hot product to their own list. They send out an honest evaluation of your product explaining how much it will benefit them and then, not only do they send them straight to www.productsite.com but they also tell them that they've managed to twist the product vendor's arm (you) and have negotiated a special discount for their subscribers as well. Then they tell them to enter special code XYZ123 on the order page to get 10% (or any amount you choose) off the retail price.

"At no stage is there even a hint
of an affiliate link in sight!"

Because the prospects trust and respect the affiliate's recommendation, and there's not even a hint of a dreaded affiliate link showing that you are profiting from any sales, they'll be delighted because you send them to a great product AND save them money too!

"By generating a unique discount code for each affiliate, AffPayPro ensures that every single sale is credited to the referring affiliate when their discount code is used."

The order page code generated for each new product can be linked from your "Buy Now" button or a text link on ANY web site. So you only need to install AffPayPro once and use it for all of your web sites.

Your online business will be truly centralized by having the one affiliate program to promote your entire portfolio. Just think of the increased sales from having your affiliates promoting each and every one of your products.

But there's more - much MUCH more ...

Digital Product Delivery

This wonder script will take and process payments for your digital products via PayPal and once the payment has been verified by PayPal your customer will get instant access to the product they have purchased. Don't worry about the digital product download URL being passed around though, the link will be securely encrypted so the file location will never be known. In fact the system used is so secure that even if "thieves" knew the location of your eBook, software etc, they would still not be able to access it!

You can also limit the time that a buyer has to download your digital product making this ULTRA SECURE!

Discount Coupon Generation

It has been proven by research that, pre-armed with a discount coupon code, prospects are more likely to purchase from a web site they are referred to. With a discount coupon "in hand" they are already in a buying frame of mind and will want to take advantage of their "privilege discount".

AffPayPro can generate unlimited Coupon Codes, each with different discount rates.

Again, this can only mean more sales and MORE PROFITS for YOU.

Customer and Affiliate Mailing System

It's very important to keep in touch with your customers AND your affiliates. The best way to keep the profits rolling in is to build relationships.

Whether it be to inform buyers of product updates and new product releases or to let your affiliates and JV Partners know about forthcoming promotions etc, it's vital that you keep in touch.

AffPayPro features a professional Mass Mailing System that allows you to email certain product customers or all customers, as well as all your affiliates.

It includes a professional "tag" system that allows you to personalize emails with names, email addresses etc and also includes an "un-subscribe" system should anyone no longer wish to receive emails from you.

The ability to keep in touch can only mean one thing; Long Term Relationships with people who are already willing to buy your products. This means Long Term Profits for YOU!

So with this simple solution in place, you can now tell your potential affiliates and JV Partners that they can send prospects straight to your sites with a discount coupon code and STILL earn their commission on any sales they generate.

"When your affiliates link to your site from theirs they will do so using just your web site address, this means you will get good, clean one way links to your sites which the Search Engines, especially Google, absolutely love."

So your affiliates' customers win, Your affiliates win. And YOU win!
Is that cool or what?

"Janet, Outstanding job.

I have, and do use many different payment and affiliate systems for all of my online ventures and I have to say you have developed a great one. The install was easy and there is no virtually no learning curve involved in getting up and running. For anyone reading this... the unique linking is a key ingredient to running a HIGHLY successful affiliate program. Even more powerful (and my favorite feature) is the ability to automatically generate and provide unique coupon codes for each affiliate. This is a killer of a psychological tool to be able to employ. Thank you again for creating this software.

Onward & Upward! "

Sam Knoll - The Ultimate Exit Popup


" What can I say but...WOW! You have really done it this time! This script is awesome! Now, even the internet newcomer has a shot at profiting from having their own affiliate program for their products and websites. Best of all, the software is a breeze to install and the price is affordable! The two of you deserve a standing ovation for your creation of this incredible webmaster tool."

Dwayne Garrett - todayscyberlaw


Let's take a look at just some of the incredible features and benefits included within AffPayPro and see what exactly it can do for you:
AffPayPro Does This

It is an easy to install "web" software that combines PayPal payment processing and secure digital product delivery. With its in built affiliate system you no longer have to pull your hair out trying to integrate multiple web scripts to do one job.

AffPayPro Does This

It includes a fully configurable discount code generator (with a difference!). It is a known fact that, pre-armed with a discount coupon, prospects are already in a "buying" frame of mind when they visit your site and therefore much more likely to go through with their purchase - just watch your sales go through the roof !

AffPayPro Does This

Each of your affiliates is automatically assigned a unique discount code once they sign up. When this code is applied to a sale the buyer not only gets their discount but the affiliate also gets credited with the sale and earns the commission for each sale. So your affiliates no longer have to use ugly affiliate URLs or implement masking techniques to disguise them - they can send prospects straight to your standard web address. This will appeal to both affiliates and their prospects as will the discount that has been "negotiated"!

AffPayPro Does This

A standard affiliate link is also available should affiliates wish to gather "hits" stats in conjunction with the discount code.

AffPayPro Does This

From the fully featured and easy to use admin panel you can add unlimited products.

AffPayPro Does This

The order page code generated for each new product can be linked to from the "Buy Now" button or link on ANY web site, so you only need to install AffPayPro once and use it for all of your web sites. Your online business will be truly centralized by having the one affiliate program to promote your entire portfolio. Just think of the increased sales from having your affiliates promoting all of your products.

AffPayPro Does This

All products appear in the affiliates' control panel, along with the standard web link and an affiliate coded link as well as pricing details and coupons.

AffPayPro Does This

Although each affiliate is auto-generated a unique discount code (you can set the default commission and discount rates) you can also create custom discount codes for ANY affiliate. This is great for adding extra commission for special JV Partners or perhaps to give affiliates the choice of offering a higher discount to their prospects in exchange for a lower commission rate. Unlimited discount codes for any affiliates can be created and used.

AffPayPro Does This

The admin panel also includes a built in newsletter mailing system where you can mass email all buyers or buyers of a particular product. You can also mass email all of your affiliates too.

Personalization tags are included to really add a "wow factor" and both customers and affiliates can opt out of receiving the newsletters should they wish.

AffPayPro Does This

Full transaction details are posted within the admin panel along with affiliate sales stats - you can see at a glance how sales are going.

AffPayPro Does This

You can mark transactions as approved or declined, handy for ensuring affiliates aren't paid for refunded transactions.

AffPayPro Does This

Integrated with PayPal's Sandbox and IPN feature. When testing the script or adding new products you can now test the FULL sales process without having to "buy" the product from a second PayPal account.

AffPayPro Does This

There is a built in "Mass Pay" system that will allow you to pay all pending commissions at once via PayPal - more time saved by you having to do this manually!

AffPayPro Does This

You can add HTML code for each product that will display on the download page. This means that you can offer back end sales for more profit, one time offers, newsletter subscriptions etc. In fact any way that you can think to capitalize on your sale can be applied and displayed in this way and it will appear just above the "Download" button and genuinely disappear once the page has been closed..

AffPayPro Does This

You can add your own logo to the product purchase and download pages to enhance branding opportunities.

So what is included?

Included in the AffPayPro package is

  • The easy to install web script

  • An easy to use database installer

  • A comprehensive installation and user guide

  • "The Digital Marketing Case Studies" Manuscript - Profitable ways to use AffPayPro in your Online Business. (available from March 2008)

You can use this script on as many websites you own and if you prefer a centralized affiliate system promoting all your sites you only need to install this once and use the payment page code for each product on it's own site. Many successful marketers are using this "branding" system for their online marketing activities and now you can too!

For the first 200 buyers we also offer free upgrades for life! That's right, if you are quick enough to secure your copy of AffPayPro then every time a new version is released you will get an updated copy at no extra cost.

You should have no trouble whatsoever installing this on your server, but if you have no experience at all then the comprehensive user guide will walk you through getting AffPayPro up and running with ease. In fact ...

The first 50 buyers will qualify
free installation too (worth $30)!

So if you want this up and running and earning you money NOW then purchase this revolutionary new web script now and have it installed for free. (This offer will end as soon as the 50th copy has been purchased.)

The Cost?

There are web scripts available selling for well over $100 (and some for over $2000) which do NOT have our unique method of promoting your products and nowhere near the abundance of additional benefits that AffPayPro brings you. And seeing how this is a truly unique method that every serious marketer will jump on I guess we could really milk the demand and quote whatever price we feel (and still sell lot's of copies). After all, we have spent a small fortune getting this program coded and tested and would be entitled to charge a high price. But here's what we have decided to do...

If you are one of the first 500 people to purchase AffPayPro you will pay only $197
Just $39.

Let's repeat that. Janet and I are going to let the first 500 buyers steal this amazing marketing tool from us for the measly investment of just $39 - That's a real and genuine introductory saving of $100!

But there's a catch.

After using AffPayPro for a week or so, we would like you to drop us a line with your thoughts about this revolutionary new system. This will help us in two ways - the good comments can be used as testimonials on the site (with your permission) and negative comments (if there are any) will be used to make the product even better.

But most importantly of course it will benefit YOU by slashing a cool $100 off the real price.

But only if you act NOW!

Buy AffPayPro Now

So now you know, that for a very affordable price, you can gain access to a system that super affiliates are lusting over!

By now there really should be no doubt in your mind that by using this brand new method of product promotion, sooner rather later, you will have an advantage that will CRUSH your competition.

By installing AffPayPro today you can truly start building the foundation blocks that will make your online empire as big as you want it to be. Imagine the reaction of affiliates when you tell them about your new "invisible" affiliate system. You can start preparing your JV letters with confidence now!


Your satisfaction is important, and we guarantee it when you order AffPayPro. We back it with a no risk, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with our product, just contact us within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No need for explanations or excuses, just let us know and we'll refund your full purchase price on the spot.

Yes! I want to give myself a head start in promoting my products and purchase "AffPayPro" today for only $197 $39.

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I understand that:
[YES] This can be used on as many web sites that I own.
[YES] It includes a comprehensive, step by step user manual.
[YES] I get free installation to one of my sites. (First 50 buyers only) [YES] I will get unlimited free upgrades.  (First 200 buyers only)
[YES] I will also receive your eBook "Digital Marketing Case Studies" when it's ready and at no extra cost.
[YES] This includes a 30 day, no questions asked, guarantee.
[YES] AffPayPro will handle my payment processing, digital product delivery, discount coupon generation, customer mailing system and affiliate program (complete with our newly discovered magic system).
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Best regards


P. S. Don't forget that AffPayPro will also handle

  • your payment processing

  • digital product delivery

  • discount coupon generation

  • customer mailing system and

  • affiliate program (complete with our newly discovered magic system).

P. P. S. The quicker you are using this amazing new system, the quicker you will get a head start on your competitors and catapult your profits

Server requirements: Linux web hosting with PHP and MYSQL. The ability to run scheduled tasks (crons) and access to the root level of your web site (one step behind public_html). If you're unsure then ask your Hosting provider.

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